OFF WHITE GALLERY Provided hand-crafted maritime jewelry since 1975
  • Mermaid holding Authentic Spanish 4 Reale Coin.


    This is our 14K Gold Mermaid and a Authentic Reale. Each Authentic coin we offer, will come with a certificate of authenticity. 

    The piece in picture is with a Spanish 4 Reale coin from a galleon that sunk in a storm off the Florida Coast in 1715, however we can hand-make it with any desired coin from around the world. 

    We invite you to supply us with your own coin to add into the piece, like a customer recently did , shown in image 3. Together we made some modifications to the mermaid, added customers own clasp and coin, and the result is beautiful.

    Price is greatly vary, depending on coin request, metal request or any other customization. Please feel free to contact us for further detail.