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  • Marlin Pendant

    Our Marlin Collection, is a 3 dimensional familiar sight of a fighting Merlin.

    This amazing fish is popular amongst sports fishermen, with hopes to get it on their line. However to real him in, takes some serious strength and endurance, 
    as he puts up quite a fight, lasting well over an hour. 
    Successful or not, you should display this conquest by wearing one of our pieces. 

    Of course you don't have to have pursued this, or even be interested to, because in order to wear our Merlin, all you need is great taste.
    Many purchase these pieces, simply for their beauty and realistic intricate details.
    Adding jewels perhaps as eyes, is a great addition to it.  It makes a great gift. 
    Why not add your husbands birthstone, in a pendant, for the next birthday? Or your wife's favorite stone is a pair of post earrings?  
    Suggestions and ideas are always enjoyed and welcome.