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  • 14K Gold Octopi Holders for Coins (Coins, Stones or Chains are NOT included)


    Picture features our 14 Karat Yellow Gold Octopus, with diamond eyes, diamonds on tentacles and a replica 4-Reale Coin. Price for this pendant: $ 1995.00    

    Our different choices of coin encasing designs. 

    We offer a variety of both authentic and replica coins from around the world. We also invite you to supply us with your own special coin that you wish to transform to a one-of-a-kind pendant, broche or bracelet. 

    In addition, adding precious or semi-precious stones to any of our designs, just further adds to their beauty. Birthstone eyes or diamonds entangled in octopus tentacles, are some previously made ideas from customers. 

    Please contact us for further details and pricing.