OFF WHITE GALLERY Provided hand-crafted maritime jewelry since 1975
  • Sanddollar Collection. Featured is our necklace sanddollar piece, It is 1 large and 8 small pieces all gathered by our handmade link chain. Click here to see all the different sand dollar styles we offer.

    Studs? Posts? drops? Please note that stock is 2Xsmall

    Our line of the sand-dollar is very popular and in high demand. 

    Their original molds were made by Dave Stein from actual sand dollars. They are handmade in the purest 14K Gold or Sterling silver.

    This solid wonder is our heaviest piece with the large size weighing well over 3 grams.

    It is a classy and fun piece, plain or customized with precious stones or pearls. Its a fully customizable piece, we suggest linking the same or different sizes together into a necklace, bracelet or even as a anklet. 

    We offer the earrings in 3 types, as studs, posts or drops, so please indicate.