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  • Sea Urchin ring in 14K Gold, covered with yellow and white Diamonds


    The Newcomer to our collection. Simply gorgeous.  The ring won 2nd place at the Catalina Art Festival in 2014. 

    This piece is created in 14K Gold and completely covered with white and yellow Diamonds, topped with a massive 1K Diamond on the top, its breathtaking.

    We offer this collection in both 14K Gold and Sterling Silver. 

    The Sea Urchin is becoming a favorite quickly and many customers choose to bedazzle it with various of precious stones. We really like personalizing it by adding birthstone to the center or ring. We invite your own ideas. 

    Although it is a slightly textured piece, it is created in such a way that it won't catch or snag your garments. Once on, you won't want to take it off again.