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  • Large Starfish pendant in 14K gold with .35 diamond and 15 diamond paves in tentacle

    Studs? Drops? Posts? Please NOTE that price is: 2 X Design

    These are solid and textured, so sweet and noticeable. Compliments any outfit. A customer favorite. 

    Adding one or several diamonds, perhaps in different colors, really compliments this piece very well, however this precious fella makes a statement all basic as well.

    The original molds were made by Dave Stein by burning out and casting actual dried starfish. We offer it in 14K Gold and in Sterling Silver, as well as in various sizes. 

    Why not string 5 or 6 together and create a necklace or bracelet? even an anklet? You can also mix and match pieces from our other collections to create one of a kinds.  

    We invite your ideas.

    As earrings, we offer it in 3 different styles: Drops, Studs or Posts. Please indicate which style you prefer.